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Where we hunt?

Find out about our comprehensive offer that encompasses the hunt, transport as well as preparation and transport of trophies. Join us today and experience an unforgettable adventure hunting bears in the Kamchatka, seals in Finland or boars in Turkey. Your satisfaction from a successful hunt is guaranteed! May the forest reward you!

Our offer

The Irbis Adventure Travel and Hunting invites you to hunt in Poland and abroad. We have in our offer dozens of selected hunting sites in the best hunting regions in Europe and Asia. These locations are perfect both for beginners as well as experienced hunters who would like to collect new, imposing trophies. Find out about our comprehensive offer that encompasses... Check the details


Polska - Polowanie na Muflony

Zakończyliśmy polowanie na Muflony tryki.

ADDED: 19.02.2021

Rutting season 2020


ADDED: 21.09.2020

Po raz kolejny w Szwecji

Sweden again

We visited this beautiful Scandinavian country again.

ADDED: 07.09.2020

Hunting in Caucasus

We discover more interesting places. This time it is the Caucasus - an attraction for those who are not afraid of steep mountain slopes and high altitudes. We hunted the Caucasian aurochs and the Yaks.

ADDED: 18.11.2019

Another hunt in Turkey

Once again we went hunting in Turkey. Our target was boar. It was a very successful hunt.

ADDED: 14.11.2019

August hunt in Sweden

August hunt in Sweden

We have completed another successful hunt, this time in Sweden.

ADDED: 13.08.2019

About us

The Irbis hunting agency invites all hunters and enthusiasts of hunting. The history of the Irbis hunting agency was borne out of the great passion for the hunt and travelling to the wildest corners of the world. I began my hunting adventures under the careful eye of my father and grandfather. In colourful stories, they conveyed to me their hunting adventures. Already... Check the details


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